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The following sources have been invaluable in this research and the project wish to thank their owners and creators for making this information public and available and we acknowledge their rights as creators of these resources:

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission “Debt of Honour” Database: [] All information data coded purple [e.g. Forenames, Rank etc] have been taken from this reference.

“Soldiers Died in the Great war 1914-19” Published by The Naval & Military Press which has filled in the information data coded Blue [Place of Birth, Enlistment and Residence] for Great War enlisted men and NCO’s

The National Archives, 1901 Online Census records [] which has been invaluable for background on Great War servicemen and some of the older WW2 servicemen.

The Online records of the London Gazette [] which has been invaluable for confirming promotions/final ranks and for the citations for the gallantry awards.

Other sources which have provided useful insight and information are :, and for background on 576 Squadron For the picture of Steve Sobieralski’s wonderful model of HMS Abdiel. and for general background on this ship. For details on the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars 1st Battalion war service.

RAF Museum Hendon and ‘DoRIS’ [Department of Research & Information Services] for extracts from THE PRICE OF PEACE: A Catalogue of RAF Aircraft Losses between VE Day(May 8th, 1945) and Dec 31st, 1945. by Colin Cummings. During this time over 150 aircraft were lost while engaged on passenger transport duties, many carrying ex-prisoners of war home.

There are many internet sites which will provide more detail on most of the Regiments, places and dates mentioned on this site, far to many to list : Please use your Internet search engine to find the links which are most useful to you.