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Site History/Updates :

14/09/06 : First Published to net

16/09/06 : Update for more Pictures/Clarification on Triptych origin

2/10/06 : Addition of “Earlier Wars” page, update to Bradford, Thomas and Robson entries

12/10/06 : Small changes and general tidy up, update to Bentall entry.

18/10/06 : Added details on H.M.S.Goathland and Obituaries for Leacroft and Wiglesworth.

21/10/06 : Men Split into main “Memorial men” research group and “Other Men of the Parish” to be investigated as time permits - this latter group includes 11 new names provided by Commonwealth war Graves Commission where next of kin details included the parish.

28/10/06 : New section on the construction and dedication of the Memorial cross. update to Luton.

12/11/06 : New entry for Cooke and an update to McMichael. New Section on the “Parish at war” and fund raising activities during WW2 added.[H.M.S.Goathland now a subsection of this]